Brice conducted investigation and sampling at 11 tank sites at the Amchitka Air Force Auxiliary Field FUDS to confirm the presence or absence of tanks, and any associated piping and soil contamination. The project goal was to generate data to support the closure of 11 tank sites. We first collected historical information including historic aerials, as-builts, previous investigation reports, and site photographs and completed a historical geospatial analysis at each tank site.

During the field investigation, we used both invasive and non-invasive means to confirm tank locations. We performed geophysical surveys using EM61 and ground-penetrating radar to locate tanks where site information was questionable. We used an excavator and performed directional drilling with a Brice-owned Geoprobe to locate tanks and collect analytical samples. Where tanks were found, we conducted inspections to document the location and condition of the tank as well as any contents. If no tank was found, we performed extensive investigation and documentation to reconfirm and allow for site closure. Tank and sample locations, areas of stained soil and/or stressed vegetation, or other areas of potential interest were surveyed to ensure that these features can be re-located for future fieldwork. Brice successfully confirmed the presence/absence of tanks at all 11 sites.

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